Santiago Andrés intervenes and appropriates architectural forms -one of the most tangible human footprints- through one of its unobserved and unexplored places: corners. He does so as a metaphorical way of challenging spatial, cultural and conceptual boundaries, which exclude non-Western paradigms of coexistence.  


In or from these corners, his works grow organically, evoking fractal and mineral growth processes found in nature.  With this act, he intends to shed light on beings, knowledge and processes that, despite being excluded and ignored, can still provide valuable information for a world facing an unprecedented crisis.  


He names them modular fungi, as a tribute to a stigmatized and fractal world of fungi, still largely undiscovered despite their key ecological role.  

Torres installs these geo-volumetric compositions built of wooden and acrylic made cubes, in both concave and convex corners, which he renames as feminine and masculine corners respectively, as a way to resignify their apparently useless and non-organic nature. 

By suggesting a mystical result of an ongoing inclusion process, Torres subtly illuminates with neon lights and colors the aristas and edges of his works. This is a way to suggest the light that is to be found beyond the limit of limits, where limits end, which he calls "intramineral light".  


Materially, he uses acrylic sheets, wood and acrylic paint for indoor work, and aluminum, exterior sprays and enamels for outdoor installations.

Modular stars, 2018. Acrylic on wood for
Dualismo - Luz intramineral rosada, 2019
Male Corner - Modular Fungi
Female Corner - Modular Fungi

Intramineral light is what I find beyond the limits of limits-corners. It refracts in me and moves me as its channel to make the modular fungi as its offspring.  

They are a platonic idea of a greater spirit and consciousness, of its structure and language, of the substance that unites us with nature and its microstructures.


Indigenous masters, fungi and minerals always remind us of this in their work which is trapped in  handcraft, self-exploitation, commoditization and transactional rapports. My intention is to liberate its power and bring it to new places."

- Santiago Andrés Torres